Sunday, May 11, 2008

KFXM 1963 Four weeks April 19 through May 10

There was a request for returning to 1963. Since I've been putting up the 1962 K/men I've been neglecting the 1963 surveys. Catch up time for KFXM today, KMEN later this week.

The first three weeks Surfin' USA-Beach Boys #1
Under Wax to Watch
Great song by Dion- This Little Girl This week Shutdown the flip side of Surfin' USA added as the co-number one song
Little Latin Lupe Lu-Righteous Bros debuting at #38
How about The Pick Hit Of The Week?: How Do You Do It-Gerry & The Pacemakers. Remember this is April 1963, this was before The Beatles (well at least a week before The Beattles) Wax To Watch
Surfer Joe-Surfaris, the flip side of Wipeout being the choice this week

The week of April 27-May 3 survey is very unusual (in more ways than one). I have two copies of the survey. One is the normal survey with nothing on the back. The second has REQUEST-ABLE SMASHBACKS listed on the back, with 59 songs listed with Moody River by Pat Boone at #1. Anyone else have any other surveys like this, or even know the story behind this?
Unusual item #2: #40 is Please, Please Me-The Beattles
Highest debut #32 Da Do Ron Ron-Crystals

King Of The surf Guitar/Hava Nagila-Dick Dale jumped from #32 to #1!
Please Please Me-Beatles still #40 on the survey
Highest debut It's My Party-Leslie Gore. Looks like this song is catching on really fast.
Wax To Watch
I like Daughter-Blenders


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call responsive - thanks very much for answering my question with a plethora of surveys - I love the local records like "Out Riding" by Steve Rowland that appear on KFXM, where surf got played for the first time, then was taken more seriously by the big L.A. stations - a real snapshot of those times.

Anonymous said...

anonymous here again.
The Wahoo by John Paul Jones - that's by the future Led Zep about 6 years before they started. And notice Gerry & Pacemakers had Lennon-McCartney song as a pick hit the week before the "Beattles"...
anybody catch the spelling? '63, wow, what a great year. Thanks for posting.

One more request...could you please post the reverse of the smashbacks list - (#60 and on) - was that just a one-week thing, or did they continue on with the smashbacks list?

Anonymous said...

Smasbacks would become
Flashbacks when Al Anthony
took over KFXM.

Amazing how Please Please Me
bombed out at that time.
7 months later it would become
an airplay staple as the Beatles
broke out. Just about anything
they put out would be played.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

If there are any other Smash-backs on the back of later surveys I don't have them.
I have two surveys from that same week, one has the Smash-backs, one doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Also note "Funny Man" by Ray Stevens would return to KFXM charts in 1968 ! The Blenders and Dion tunes were great. Jonny Bruce

Greg Mitchell said...

Was the "Smashbacks" list supposed to be a listing of the most requested Oldies at KFXM? Or a suggestion list of Oldies you could request on KFXM?

KFXM did not have the jocks keep a tabulation of any requests in '75-'76.

Other stations that I worked at in that era did have the jocks write down every request. If they were receiving numerous requests for new songs that they were not playing, that sometimes swayed them to make the add..