Sunday, May 25, 2008

K/mentertainer May 25, 1963

#1 The Stripper-David Rose
Highest debut in the top ten Born to Lose/Can't Stop Lovin' You-Ray Charles #6

Honorable K/mention
Early Motown that didn't make it If Cleapatra Took A Chance-Edddie Holland
Couple big hts debuting The Wah-Wahtusi- Orlons Sealed With A Kiss-Brian Hyland
How about Route 66 theme-Nelson Riddle

Huckleberry invites you to "Fiddle With a Riddle" ...
The Chuck Clemans show...6-9 A.M. on K/MEN 129!!!

First casualty on K/men

Andy West is gone, and we now have Don Baroda


Anonymous said...

Too many clunkers at the
end of the list. These
are the "hits" coming up.
A few passed but 80% didn't
continue to the finish line.

The Summer of 62 is shaping up
with tunes that will establish

Anonymous said...

I always wondered who Andy West was. I never heard a word about from that point on.

Anyone have any Andy West info?