Sunday, May 11, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag May 10, 1968

Dionne Warwick on the cover of the Tiger Mag with article inside. Picture of Jimmy Mack and Dick Lyons

#1 The Good, the Bad & The Ugly-Hugo Montenegro

New in the top ten Here's To You-Hamillton Camp at #9

Highest Debut This Guy's In Love With You-Herb Alpert

How about Yummy Yummy Yummy-Ohio Express as a Personal Pick

Two personal picks with interesting titles I'm Sorry and Coming On Strong and neither is by Brenda Lee!


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Jimmy Mack.
Seems he disappeared from
KFXM after the Summer of 68.
He was kind of quirky and
could be rumbuncious (sp).
Be I liked him on the radio
and fun to watch him do his
show in person. Spent many
times in the control room with
him. He liked having a guest or
2 in that room. Feedback, I guess.
He'd usually ask "how was that".
Anybody know of his whereabouts???

Anonymous said...

I know a few years after KFXM he surfaced on KBIG under his real name James Talley. He was there doing afternoons for a long time. I think that was in the early 1970's. After that I don't know. Did he hand you an 8X10 glossy of himself ? He gave me one ! Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Mack still a mystery.
No I was unfortunate not to
get a glossy 8x10 pic of
the Mack Man. Jonny, you
are so lucky :)

He was a nice guy but like a lot
of show biz people his ego sometimes
got in the way.
He would let me into the control
room and I really liked that.
It was fun to be inside kfxm