Monday, May 26, 2008

KFXM and K/men May 24, 1963

Sukiyaki-Kyu Sakamuto #1 on both stations TheBig Surfer-Brian Lord on the KMEN charts


Anonymous said...

Bill Diddy,

Later worked weekends at KRLA.

Anonymous said...

This KFXM survery reminds me
this was the time I switched from
KMEN to KFXM. It was easier to
win "6 pack of cola coupons" and other
stuff at KFXM. It became
a summer career for me.
many albums,prizes. I think
the jocks got a bit tired of
me winning daily. But I didn't know
I was overdoing it. I became
a mad dialer.
SO it was 45 years ago.