Saturday, May 03, 2008 "Callifornia Connection"

How many songs can you think of with a "California Connection"?
Today, (Sunday, May 4th), from noon 'til one o'clock pacific time, I'll be playing songs with a California connection.
I was surprised to find that I couldn't play them all in only one hour! Hope your readers will tune in to and enjoy the songs!
Johnny Helm


Bill Earl said...

without whipping out a reference book, i would think a california show would play

california dreaming---mamas and papas, beach boys, barry mcguire

california my way...fifth dimension

adios...linda rondstadt ("on the california coast")

california girls..beach boys

california saga ("on my way to sunny california")...beach boys

california earthquake...mama cass

california calling---beach boys (1985 LP cut)

california soul...fifth dimension

it never rains in california....albert hammond

hotel california....eagles

how are things in california?....nancy sinatra (calif girl CD...sold at disney calif adventure)

california sun....(forgot name of group)

i'm sure i forgot some


Harley Davidson said...

One of my faves is "LA Goodbye" by The Ides Of March.

"The Anaheim Azusa And Cucamunga Sewing Circle Book Review And Timing Association" by Jan and Dean is a CLASSIC!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Harley, that's not gonna be one of the songs! Hope you tune in. Johnny

Anonymous said...

I missed Johnny's show.
Did he play DAY AFTER DAY by
Shango? So California. About

Another one in the same vein
"....they tell me the faultline,
runs right through it here...."