Tuesday, May 20, 2008

K/mentertainer May 11 and 18, 1968

Missed last weeks 1968 K/mentertainer, so here it is with this week 's issue, too.
May 11, 1968 1968 Soundathon coming. #1 the prior year Cherish-Association
Welcome Buck Herring. Farewell to Russ O'Hara and Brad Edwards
Second week #1 The Good The Bad & The Ugly
MacArthur Park-Richard Harris debuting at #20
San Bernardino-Lemonade Charade debuting at #30, plus one of the most requested. I've heard the song, and it's not that good.
May 18, 1968
Counting up the Votes for the soundathon .
Another new guy on KFXM Johnny Helm, moving over from KFXM

#1 Beautiful Morning-Rascals
Highest debut This Guy's In Love with You-Herb Alpert #9
Hit Bound
The Horse-Cliff Nobles, if you heard this instrumental, you would recognize it.
Lot of new bubblegum this week!


Anonymous said...

Buck Herring spent years on Sacramento Top 40 radio (and I think he was at KEWB/San Francisco too).

I don't recall him from K/MEN so he apparently wasn't there too long...maybe only a few weeks or a month or two?

Anonymous said...

yea, Buck spent about 3 months at K/MEN. Where he went from there is any ones guess.
Johnny Helm

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Looking forward at he surveys. His last picture was on a Nov 23, 1968 K/mentertainer. His replacement seems to be mentioned Jan 3, 1969 as Harry Scarborough.