Friday, September 05, 2008

Blues In A Bottle San Bernardino/Riverside Rock & Roll

In 1967 and 1968 there was a local rock group by the name of Blues In A Bottle

Almost anytime there was a local rock concert, you would see tthis group as one of the acts. (look back through the KFXM surveys, and you'll see what I mean)

It was actually one of the groups I had actually seen in the sixties in a concert in Sages parking lot.

I was contacted by one of the members and his wife John & Mariann Gerwig) after seeing my KFXM Tiger Mags listed. They were kind enough to send me pictures of the band. Below comments I received about the band...

"We are looking for an issue of Tiger Mag circa 1968 which had a picture of a band called Blues in a Bottle that was managed by Charlie Walters or any info on Charlie Walters. My husband was a member of the band and knows their picture was in one of the issues."

the same day we found your site we also were able to finally locate the drummer of the band that was my husbands best friend Dale Staab (known as Chris). And they connected after
30 years, he is still in California. The other members at different times (and we are trying to find all of them) were lead vocals - Rodney (Johns doesn't remember last name - remember it was the 60's!!!!!), John Brooks, - rhythm , guitar, Rubin Lopez - lead guitar, Chris (legally Dale) Staab - drummer, and John Gerwig - bass and at times vocals. They were a local band that played venues like the Sugar Shack in Big Bear,

Riverside teen club, local high schools, but because Charlie was their manager they also were opening act at places like The Swing Auditorium, Kiaser Dome. When they played there they
opened for bands like Cream, Animals, Paul Butterfield Band, Spirit, and Grass Roots. So many people would have heard them play. They had been offered a contract from Capitol Records but
unfortunately it was right around that time that the band started to go separate ways.

We found some pictures (some not good, some very old) and Chris (real name Dale) Staab found the one from Tiger Mag.
"....By the way, Rodney's last name is Munger. The photo that I sent was taken in April, 67 it was before Rodney joined the band. I knew John Brooks from junior high, we started a band and we played for the school talent show in 9th. grade. I think that's how I hooked up with John, he already knew John Brooks. John Brooks brought in Ruben and Eddie. We formed the band when we were in 10th grade. I knew Charlie Walters, he was a DJ at night on the local AM station, He had good connections and I asked him if he would be interested in being our manager. He came over one evening when we were practicing in my garage. He liked what he heard and agreed to manage us."


Anonymous said...

Where is Charlie Walters these
days??? Did he go into the
monastery or what?

Anonymous said...

Last I heard in 1986 Charlie was driving an ambulance in San Jose. Jonny Bruce

Dale (Chris) Staab said...

Does anybody remember a band called "The Good Feelings"
The drummer was Mike Kravits, I don't remember who else was in the band. They were around at the same time that Blues in a Bottle was.
They recorded a song called, "I'm Captured". Dale Staab

Charlie Walters said...

Just happened to run across this post from "Doug's Stuff". Boy this conjures up some very fond memories. Would enjoy communicating with the boys in the band. I'm retired living in Florida.