Friday, September 19, 2008

March 10, 1962 and sometimes in 1973

I received a couple interesting items from K/men's ben e mccoy.
The first k/mendous ten, two weeks before the first publish K/mentertainer. Notice that #10 is Chip Chip The lineup for K/men sometime in 1973. Probably right before Ken Levine came aboard. I know Huckleberry was back around 1973 sometimes after the 1972 reunion, I'm not sure exactly when, maybe late 1973? I think Dusty Morgan was there with Huckleberry, but Mark Ford was gone.

thank you ben!

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Anonymous said...

Doug, You really run a great site. You're always focused on your theme and you've showcased some great stuff.

Ben McCoy gets my thanks as well for his materials. The line-up from 1973 was especially interesting to me.

John from Fontana (Back then)