Wednesday, September 10, 2008

KFXM and K/men September 6, 1963

My Boyfriend's Back-Angels #1 on both surveys
KFXM Highest debut Roy Orbison-Mean Women Blues/Blue Bayou #18 Both Rick Nelson-Fools Rush In/Down Home and Fats Domino-Red Sails In the Sunset both has new songs. Both used to be on Imperial Records, but both are on new labels.

This is the first comment on the KFXM Survey about moving to KFXM's new million dollar home. The first indication of a move to the Holiday Inn.

Highest debut on K/men Honolulu Lulu-Jan & Dean #7
The K/men 2nd Annual Walk-Back-And-Forth with a map on the back. look closely, someone wrote in the some statistics on the map (it wasn't me). Are these the results or what?

money Total $3,227.53
San Bernardino Riverside
1. Watson................ 1. Markham
2. Babcock.............. 2. Mitchell
3. Morgan............... 3. Lord
4. Williams............. 4. Clemans
I'm not sure what these top 4 mean, in regards to the city..

These appear to be the number of miles walked by each, so would this be the order they considered the winner.
1. Clemans 60
2. Babcock 52 miles
3. Willliams 43 miles
4. Lord 40 miles
5. Mitchell 40
6. Morgan 40 miles
7. Markham 40 miles
8. Watson 28 miles


Anonymous said...

I remember the "Walk Back and Forth" very well. Bill Watson (who was probably the oldest of the DJs) was the first to drop out with foot or ankle problems as I recall. Huckleberry and George Babcock really put on a good show. I went down to see them when they made the turn at OK Hopkins TV in the Riverside Plaza. By the way, I read somewhere recently where Babcock passed away in Needles, CA. After his radio career, I believe he worked as a plumber. There is no question that K/MEN really shook up the radio business in the Inland Empire in the early 1960's.

Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

I met George at the 20 year KMEN reunion in 1982. He owned the 1340 AM station in Needles at the time. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

That is one hell of a walk.
No small task for anyone.
Seeing the map makes you appreciate
how far they walked.

Such a dedicated group.