Monday, September 01, 2008

K/mentertainer August 31, 1968

This is something I didn't remember, Jim Webb merchandising toys. "Up Up and Away Hot Air Balloon" is the first.
The guys at K/men were not just DJs, but journalists, too! Johnny Helm, Robert E Walker, Mark Ford and T. Michael Jordon wrote articles for this issue.

Afew interesting notes in this issue.
Jimi Hendrix Experience concert Sept 5 at The Swing Auditorium,
Poiitical humor with a Pat Paulsen cartoon
Heavy Albums with The Vogues sneaking in at the bottom
The New Yardbirds featruring Jimmy Page with John Paul Jones Robert Plant(e).
Who will they get for a drummer?
#1 On The Road Again-Canned Heat
Highest debut Harper Valley PTA-Jeannie C Riley #10
New this week
The Snake-Al Wilson One of the local and national hitmakers in 1968

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