Thursday, November 13, 2008

KFXM and K/men November 13-15,1970

Tears Of A Clown-Smokey Robinson & The Miracles #1
Higest debut Yellow River-Christie #20. Anyone hear Christie's followup to Yellow River? New songs by solo acts Silver Moon-Mike Nesmith (he does very well without The Monkees)
Do It-Neil Diamond (an older Bang Records song)
and Your Song-Elton John (debut hit for Elton)
Were you one of the 5.90 winners on KFXM?
Bruce Chandler's Rock Art
A picture of Jim "The Mighty' Quinn In The Morning
I Think I love You-Partridge Family #1
Highest debut Stoned Love-Supremes #23 No more Diana Ross, but to me, it sounds like she's still there.
Hit Bound Tears In The Morning-Beach Boys
also one of the most requested Reason To Believe-Carpenters, an album cut


Anonymous said...

superbly well by
Carenters and then Rod Stewart.
I don't think anyone can go
wrong doing this song.

Tim Hardin really wrote such
a great great song and gave
us a reason to believe in
the words.

Anonymous said...

I believe CHRISTIE was a one-hit
wonder with YELLOW RIVER. He's
Jeff Christie.
As was Tony CHRISTIE was with AMARILLO.

Both of these songs are on
you tube and a delight to
see and hear again.

Both songs have a common thread
about going back to a certain
place. Still enjoy these 2
songs as much as the first time
35 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Did JIM QUINN replace Robert E. Walker as morning man?

WAS it in November 1970?

ANY "story" behind the morning man change?

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

The last time Robert E Walker is pictured on a KMEN survey was Sept 26, 1970.
The Christie song that was a followup to Yellow River was San Bernadino (spelled without the r) Sounding similar to Yellow River. It hit the Billboard chart at number 100 Jan 1971. You'll see it listed later this year as a Most Requested Song on K/men.

Johnny Helm said...

Robert E. left K/MEN for KGUY in Palm Springs with Jerry Jolsted, who was the K/MEN GM. Jerry bought the station, formatted it with country music and Robert E. became the morning man. Not sure about the actual date. But it was probably in mid October.

Anonymous said...

I played the Christie follow up "San Bernadino" without the "r" a lot when it was out. Jonny Bruce KDES