Sunday, November 16, 2008

K/mentertainer November 16, 1962

Miserlou-Dick Dale #1
Highest debut (and only debut in the top ten) Peppermint Man-Dick Dale #7
I would say he is fairly popular in the Inland Empire Some familiar names having some new songs , but not familiar hits. Andy Williams, Brian hyland, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Goldsboro

Dig the new Mark Ford Show Midnight to 6 AM William F. Williams is still here. He's replaced Dean Webber Noon to 3. No new pictures for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Yea Dick Dale was huge in
SoCal and IE.
Especially since one of
the lines in KING OF THE
SURF GUITAR (1963) has this
"...on the road to Anaheim,
San Bernardino to Riverside...all
the kids in old LA......."
That clinched it although he
was already popular.

Further: I think KMEN made
PEPPERMINT MAN their #1 for
1962. I found that strange but
their decision. Sounded like Bill Watson was a huge fan of DD. They also
played the flip side. I can't recall it at this time.

Anonymous said...

The flip of "Peppermint Man"
is "Surf Beat".

Both sides were played in L.A.
as well.