Saturday, November 08, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag November 8, 1968 ........."AND THEN ALONG CAME JONES"

Do Something To Me-Tommy James & The Shondells #1 Something this song proably didn't do anywhere besides here in the Inland Empire

The first survey here I had marked Last Week based on the survey played on the radio the prior week. The actual survey shows Last Week based on the printed survey from the prior week.

Highest debut Bang-Shang-A-Lang-Archies #18 or Keep On Lovin' Me Honey-Marvin & Tammy depending on which one you look at.

New this week Cinerella Sunshine-Paul Revere & The Raiders and Chewy Chewy-Ohio Express Two picks by the Jones Boys
We have Davy Jones, John Paul Jones, Casey Jones, Tom Jones and Lonesome Jones


Bill Earl said...

I've yet to see the Jones Boys "unmasked"...Can we finally do that HERE?

I know for a fact that

"Casey Jones" was Al Anthony
"Davy Jones" was Danny Dare

But WHO was

"John Paul Jones"?
"Lonesome Jones"?
"Tom Jones"?
"Just Plain Jones"?

At this time in 1968, my father had retired from his job so he no longer traveled to San Bernardino, and I did not get a driver's license until June 1969. So my years of "hanging around" the Holiday Inn had ended lasted really from December 1964 to December 1967, or slightly into 1968 when my father's days in the I.E. ended.

Bill Earl said...

For your readers, just found out that....

"John Paul Jones" was Dan Daily (real name: Dan Resch) Dan had worked in New York before KFXM, and is rumored to no longer be alive.

"Lonesome Jones" was the KFXM janitor who never worked in radio before the strike or ever again after the strike ended

"Just Plain Jones" was Kim Mariner (future KNX 1070 newsman)

Bob B. Blue and salesman Al Barnett were also two of the Jones Boys but not sure which ones.

Bob B. Blue remained on KFXM (under THAT name) AFTER the strike ended.

So, as of now, STILL unidentified is

"Tom Jones"

Maybe Al or Bob B. was "Tom Jones.

Bill Earl
Senior Advisor

Anonymous said...

Bob B, Blue was Unsinkable Jones
Lonesome Jones was a Tiger Tot, not "the janitor"!
I just love these "experts" full of themselves who never made it to a real radio station!