Sunday, November 09, 2008

K/mentertainer November 9, 1962

#1 Chubby Checker with Limbo Rock/Poppeye (The Hitchhiker) Miserlou-Dick Dale up to #2
Highest Debut Lonely Bull-Tijuana Brass
Anyone hear Night Owl-Tren-Dells #8
New Dick Dale song Peppermint Man
How about The Scream-Oliver Cool
Cinnamon Cinder-Pastel Six
good song.

The Payphone Jackpot comes to K/men!


Anonymous said...

Can anyone account for the Trendells whose remake of Tony Allen's Nite Owl did so well, but didn't chart anywhere else in the known universe? Who was in the group - were they from the IE? Questions - questions...I know.

Now, some answers...

Oliver Cool was Rod McKuen...
the Fencemen were David Gates & Leon who were the Trendells? Please tell me, I've got to know.

Anonymous said...

Correction on the previous wasn't the Tony Allen "Nite Owl," it was the different song by the Dukays - Gene Chandler's group on Duke Of Earl...sorry.