Monday, November 24, 2008

KFXM and K/men November 22-24,1963

In My Room/Be True To Your School-Beach Boys #1
Talk Back Trembling Lips-Johnny Tillotson #19 Highest debut
Also new at #40 Outer Limits-Marketts
How about Lynn Bryson Personal Pick Dumbhead-Ginny Arnell
Also some Big Top Boppers Anyone Who Had A Heart-Dionne Warwick Surfin' Bird-Trashmen

Be True To Your School/In My Room-Beach Boys #1
Louie Louie-Paul Revere/Kingsmen Highest debut #5
When The Lovelight, etc.-Supremes
Harlem Shuffle-Bob & Earl
Anyone notice the date? These are the surveys out the week President Kennedy was assasinated. For those around and old enough at that time, probably remember where you were when you found out. The radio surveys only reported the music in 1963, and not the news. There were proabably many news broadcasts, and a lot less music on the radio this week.


Anonymous said...

yea I remember November 22, 1963.
I was at SBHS and we were told
in class about it that Friday. The whole
weekend was filled with
news about it. I think the
funeral was Monday. It was
quite a TV event never seen
before. I don't remember listening
to radi that weekend. It was
Kennedy news wall to wall.
Repeated over and over. Back then
it was 3 TV networks.

Anonymous said...

I remember that of all the top 40 stations in the area KFWB,KRLA,K/men and KFXM,
the first one to go back to regular
programming was KFXM. All the other kept playing somber music and doing news.

Anonymous said...

I was a student at Notre Dame HS in Riverside and I vividly remember getting the news of JFK's death while in class. We were all immediately rushed over to the church and spent the rest of the day in prayer. KFXM and K/MEN dropped their regular music and played funeral music (mixed with news reports) until early the following week.

Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

I see OUTER LIMITS by the Marketts.
In a few weeks this will be
retitled OUT OF LIMITS. Looks
like WB had no rights to the
name of the same show.

Same thing happened to the
Duane Eddy owned the group's name
and the group would be renamed
45s for which one you have.

Bill Earl said...

I was in 7th grade in the boy's locker room (on a hill, overlooking the rest of the school) at Foothills Jr, High in Arcadia CA when over the banging and clanging of lockers and hot showers pumping out steam && water, on a small little worn-out speaker above the coaches office, we heard Mrs. Barbara Townsend (the principal's secretary)say, "Dear Highlanders. We are so saddened to have to report to you, that we have just been told the President has just died." At that point, the entire locker room erupted into whoops and cheers, high fives, "awlllright"s, and we all kept shouting with glee! The rest of the school could not understand why the boys in the locker room would be so insensitive and take such tragic news with such joy. Well, because of all the noise in the locker room when the announcement came on, and the speaker was so tinny, when Mrs. Townsend said "the President" had passed away, WE all thought she said "THE PRINCIPAL" had just died. (In a noisy locker room, can you see the similarity in sound between the two words?)True story.

Anonymous said...

And America hasn't been the same since.