Saturday, November 01, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag November 1, 1968........."JONES"

This begins the KFXM era of the Jones Boys, their first mention in the KFXM Tiger Mag. Almost exactly 5 years after there was a complete turnover of the djs in 1963. No pictures yet, but there will be in future issues.

Tommy James and The Shondells picture on the cover with an article inside EdGrrrr Sezs talks about the staff in the KFXM offices...Jill Meza, Gail Meliski, Norine Dixon, Judy McCurdy, Diane Mize and Doris Fiori.
Article about Don Fardon, who had a 1960's hit with Indian Reservation

I listened to the KFXM countdown when they played it (Tuesday or Wednesday night?) and kept track, so I knew that when they printed the survey this week, it was wrong! They printed last weeks survey.
So below my 1968 copy of the back of the KFXM Tiger Mag with the survey that was actually played for the week of November 1, 1968. Along with pictures of the KFXM Jocks and the substitutes I knew about at the time.
Those Were The Days-Mary Hopkin #1
Highest debut Quick Joey Small-Kasenatz-Katz #21
The printed survey....Listen To The Jones Boys Daily


Anonymous said...

Doug, I have a question. Did KFXM actually distribute TWO different backs in the same week. I'm confused about you having one copy with the songs hand written, and another copy having the songs printed.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

I listened to the countdown show, and kept track of the top 30. When the survey came out showing the prior week's list, I made my own using the the 30 they played. The handwritten one is the one I made myself in 1968, using parts of old surveys, so I would have an accurate list.