Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Anyone For Bowling?

This really doesn't have anything to do with KFXM or K/MEN, but take a look anyway.

George Arnold was the proprieter of San Bernardino Recreation Center, a bowling alley on Highland Avenue between D Street and Arrowhead. In the late sixties and the seventies I would go there to bowl, but most of the time to play the pinball machines. George was always good to myself and my friends. We would say, let's go to George's to play some pinball.

After George retired (probably about 20 years ago) someone else took it over, and it finally closed up (I think it's some kind of medical facility/supply house now).

I spent a lot of time there, and it was a big part of my life. George was a real nice guy.

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Lord Darth Sidious said...

sorry to hear about Mr. Arnold's passing -- knowing what his presence meant to you in your formative days in the Hometown. if a man like this, who did so much for others during his lifetime, ever deserved a eulogy of meaningful purportions, then you have just made him one happy spirit! this is a fine tribute to George Arnold that he would have deeply appreciated.
BTW: it so happens that the medical supply house you mentioned (doing business in the former Rec Center) was the place i had to rent a wheelchair whilst visiting family in San Berdoo a few years back followng my stroke... stange how these lifepath connections seem to follow those of us who grew up there!