Wednesday, August 19, 2009

KFXM August 19, 1960

It's Now Or Never-Elvis Presley #1
Highest debut Mr. Custer-Larry Verne #32

Ed Thomas is missing from the lineup Now there are six

Received an email from Bruce Chandler with his memories of the 1960 jocks
In December of '60, KFXM was the only game in town...
Ron Garner did the RISE AND SHINE show 6-10am, JACK SANDS was 10a-2pm on the COFFEE CLUB...Bill Tanner (who passed away recently) was host of CLUB 590, 2-6pm, GARY PRICE did the PLATTER PARTY 6-Mid (had to be gruelling hours...six hours is way too too long to be on the air at one time) and GEORGE BABCOCK did the "NIGHTWATCH" show Mid-6am...

Lucille-So Sad-Everly Brothers
Theme from Moon Children/Komotion-Duane Eddy
Brontosaurus Stomp-Piltdown Men
Nice & Easy-Frank Sinatra
I Got A Woman-Sammy Davis, Jr
Devil Or Angel-Bobby Vee


Lord Darth Sidious said...

Re: brother Bruce's recall of the
great broadcasters on KFXM during its period of complete ratings dominance before the advent of serious competitor KMEN:
1) in those days of what use to be known in media circles as the "Popular" format", was the era of true personality radio; block programming was then in-effect which gave a certain over-the-air "savoir-faire" mental connection for each of the D.J. programs Bruce described with minimal utilization of the "one-format-fits-all" pattern that would eventually come to the fore later on by the mid-1960's. in short, each show was tailored to reach segments of their listening audience most likely to be listening at a given hour of the day or night -- not just on a 24-hour basis.
2) before the Drake-Chenault programming revolution, "Pop" radio stations maintained very large and diversified music libraries allowing for greater variety or for more exacting niches for record play to block- programmed audiences. more so, KFXM's earlier music surveys suggest a more liberal attitude towards the playable quantity and balance of quality of the standard playlists used as a general guide in aiding the pre-Top 30 disk jockeys in preparing their shows beforehand for broadcast.
certainly the above two factors helped to deliver the widest possible cum audience numbers at a time when most of the radio audience was homogenous -- not as fragmented when the Great Social Divide of the latter Sixties caused Pop Radio programming to split into "Middle-Of-The-Road" (MOR)and "Pop/Rock" formats.

Anonymous said...

Lucille by the Everly Bros. is an all time great ! I still play it. Jonny Bruce

Bill Earl said...

can anyone tell me what TIME SLOT that Roger Christian jocked in when he was at KFXM?

Lord Darth Sidious said...

"This is the Ron Christian Show all night for you on the Big 59..."
Ron held down the Midnight to 6:00 a.m. (Monday-Friday) shift after coming board KFXM covering on weekend airshifts and relief.

Anonymous said...

Ron Christian was Rogers' brother. Last heard Ron in the 1990's on Ventura's KHAY-FM. I think Roger jocked on KFXM in the 1950's but I forget exactly what specific years. Jonny Bruce

Lord Darth Sidious said...

oops, pardon my faux paux! i misread that Earl's inquiry was for the legendary ROGER Christian rather than little brother Ron (who i got to know on his Tiger All-Niters).
from my research, the best i can determine is that ROGER held down an airshift from the latter part of 1959 through about the fall of 1960. however, i cannot yet determine the exact hours he was on-the-air; however, it does appear probable that he worked various time periods throughout his all-too-brief tenure at station 590 K.C.

Anonymous said...

I think Roger Christian did mid days on KFXM.He was on KRLA Noon-3 by Oct 1960.By Jan 61 Roger was gone from KRLA but showed up on KFWB in late '61.

Bob Harlow