Monday, August 03, 2009

Tell It To The Rain-Four Seasons

I was listening to a Four Seasons Greatest Hits CD and Tell It To The Rain came on. This reminded me that in December 1966 I saw this song listed on the KFXM and K/MEN surveys, and I liked the Four Seasons so I waited to hear the song on the radio, I never did hear it. I don't think I heard until years later when I actually got a copy of the record.

On KFXM the song never made the Top 40, but was only listed as a Personal Pick of Bill Surrey. On K/MEN it got up to #28 it's second week on the chart, then fell off. It wasn't much of a hit. So I thought.

I recently checked on the Billboard Charts, and it got up to #10! That was big surprise to me. This was the opposite of a lot of hits on the K/MEN and KFXM charts. Usually it seemed a lot of songs did better locally than nationally, with some of the top ten hits at least getting close to the top ten.

Anyone know of any other national hits not making it locally? Maybe I'll do some research and see what else didn't make it.


Anonymous said...

of my favorites. I remember
it well on KFXM but didn't last
long. One of those strange things
that did well nationally but not
a local hit. Still, I always
liked this song beginning to
end. Play it again and again.
I'll always like it.

Bill Earl said...

One reason it may not have was not a "Crewe/Gaudio" broke the "formula" sound. In the OFF SEASONS CD there are Crewe/Gaudio compositions that SHOULD HAVE been hit singles, but weren't. The Four Seasons should have stuck to the formula every time. I think the public liked that sound. I know that I DID.