Wednesday, August 05, 2009

KFXM August 5, 1960

I'm Sorry/That's All You Got To Do-Brenda Lee #1
Highest debut Volare-Bobby Rydell #34 Pick Hits of the week
Working Hard-Olympics
Yabba-The Hully Gully Boys
also new
Candy Sweet-Pat Boone
Green Door-Gene McDaniels
St Louis Blues-Dick Dale

all the big names, but none of the hits
but there is Chain Gang-Sam Cooke

The KFXM DJs. The lineup appears to be a little mixed up from last week. Dale Ward is gone, and will now have Bill Tanner.


Anonymous said...

The Pick Hit of The Week "Workin' Hard" by the Olympics is the flip side of "Shimmy Like Kate"

Anonymous said...

I remember the Summer of 1960 vividly on KFXM. Out of school and listening all day long. Good to see one of my
alltime favs come in:
Loved the line:" wiki waki
A hook to remember.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

was that anything like "The Hawaiian War Chant" by Spike Jones and His Wacky Wakakians with Chorus from 1951???
the song went something like, "Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai..."

Anonymous said...

No not at all.
pop hit. Those Wiki lyrics
were a hook. The rest of
the song was legit.

Check it out on UTUBE.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

thanks to ANONYMOUS JONES for the tip about catching "Pineapple Princess" over on You-Tube.Com.
Annette's accompanying video was a nice touch; however, i actually liked the other version that was done by "Na Leo Pilimehana" -- a little less sacharine production which caught my ear.