Thursday, August 06, 2009

KFXM and K/men August 5-6, 1971

Mr. Big Stuff-Jean Knight still #1 on both K/men and KFXM
Stagger Lee-Tommy Roe
Is That The Way-Tin Tin
K/men highest debut Resurrection Shuffle-Ashton, Gardner & Dyke
Go Away Little Girl-Donny Osmond
A message from a reader, who knew the K/men in 1971
Steve Carey was nuts. Absolutely nuts. One of the funniest guys I've ever known. Just a joy to be around.>> >> Dave Sebastian was also a lot of fun. Very driven. He's owned his own recording studio in LA for many years. He also teaches classes in how to do voiceover work.>> >> Mark Ford was the loner of the group. He was older than the rest of the guys and didn't seem to have much interest in outside events. I never really got to know him.>> >> Dusty Morgan was also a great guy. He hung around long enough to outlast all of these guys and become program director. He also played on the softball team and was lots of fun. Any idea what happened to him? Last I heard he was still working weekends somewhere in Sacramento.>> >> And, of course, Bruce Chandler is one of the quickest wits I've ever known. It's no wonder he's been on the air in Los Angeles for so long.
The K/men Big Top 30 posters are here! But only seem to be available in Riverside.

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Lord Darth Sidious said...

just to keep the record straight for the KMEN situation when Veljon, Inc. took over:
1. Buddy Scott was named Program Director while "The Duster eventually (see item #2) took over the reins as PRODUCTION DIRECTOR... Dusty was a real genius at producting the wildest, most effective commercial spots i have ever heard, then or now! and yes, his multi-faceted vocal characterizations were legendary (like his Aunt Blabby).
and the last time i checked, old friend and colleague al-la-Morgan had apparently left the Sacramento area for a gig back Southern Cal. way -- i received no answer at his old mailing address and telephone number; nix the same for his prior-listed email address.
2. Mark Ford was indeed much older, a much more experienced air personality PRO than all the other 1971 KMEN -- combined... having started off during the 1950's in the Capital Region radio (like KROY) and adjacent Bay area broadcasting outlets, Mark's one true passion was for racing cars... many KMEN listners will remember Mr. Ford driving the "129 Car" at the National Orange Show Show Speedway where he displayed a gut-level racing form that was all his own. He was the brillant "advertiser's pitchman" producer for high-billing clients' commercial spots while at KMEN which led to his joining-up with Drake-Chenault Enterprises in Los Angeles where he was National Production Director for that radio programming syndication firm. i have always thought well of this particular KMEN for his integrity, bravity and fortitude in holding up through all of his long broadcasting career's many ups and downs.
3. good ole "Brother Brucey" is still 'smoking those oldies but goodies' on K/EARTH FM Radio in L.A.(where KFXM's old almunus Jhani Kaye reigns as Program Director). Bruce remains as ever humble a man as i have ever met in the radio biz!