Friday, September 25, 2009

KFXM and K/men September 25, 1964

Tobacco Road-Nashville Teens #1
Highest debut Slow Down/Matchbox-Beatles #7 New
Sidewalk Surfing-Jan & Dean (album track)
I've Got Sand In My Shoes-Drifters
Blue Day-Emperors

Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison #1
Big jump to #5 from #28 You Really Got Me-Kinks
Highest debut Ride The Wild Surf-Jan & Dean #32

I Like It-Gerry & The Pace makers
She's Not There-Zombies
Last Kiss-J. Frank Wilson


BruceC said...

Jay Milla was HIRED to do afternoons at KFXM and then NEVER SHOWED UP!!! It's a GOOD THING. Had he reported for duty, the opening that I threw my hat in the ring for would NOT have existed!! Al Anthony hired me on a Thursday and that very next day, I gave my notice at K/men. It was then that K/men PD Scott Seagraves told me that I was to be let go, along with some other K/men to make room for a couple new dudes from Omaha, Nebraska (J. Monte Lang and Buddy Scott). Had Jay Milla showed up, I would have been up a creek without a paddle! I stared on KFXM the following MONDAY 2-6pm! Thank You Jay Milla wherever you are!!

Lord Darth Sidious said...

Hurray for brother Bruce! yeah, man, the radio gods were looking after ye when you made that fortunate cross-over to Tiger Land...
then again, as all of us in the radio biz have come to know, "TIMING IS EVERYTHING in broadcastng circles", am i right?
and so, yes, October 1971 spelled out a REALLY big change in KMEN's direction with the "boys from KOIL Radio" (Budwin, Pat and the Monte One) redefining the image of a 1960's era station that needed a new approach for the Seventies local listening audience.
Stay-tuned to this channel for much more "On-The-Air" mayhem!

BruceC said...

Hey Lord Dark Sidious..

Does the name Ben E. McCoy ring a bell?

How about Henry Chacon???

He was a really groovy dude...

Remember him?

Didn't he go up to Sacto??

I still keep in touch with Mr. Sacto, Dusty Morgan, in fact, just got an email from him today..

If you see Ben E., give him my best and also Mrs. C.'s best.