Sunday, September 20, 2009

KFXM September 19, 1969

Little Woman-Bobby Sherman big jump to #1 from #11
Highest debut Tracy-Cuff Links #20 New
Ruben-Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
Lodi-Al Wilson
Can't Help But Deceive You-Iron Butterfly (Exclusive) I remember when KFXM had an exclusive, there would be a whisper throughout the song of "KFXM exclusive"

EDGrrrrr SEZ...
"Watch for your favorite tune listings every Tuesday in the Sun-Telegram's "SOUNDINGS cloumn by TOM GREEN. Read What it's all about!" Anyone read that?


Lord Darth Sidious said...

this One clearly recalls Mr. Green's weekly column published in the old Sun-Telegram newspaper...
it was basically about the various happenings of the local hometown radio stations including KFXM, KMEN, KCKC, KPRO, KRNO, KOLA, KSON and KVCR-FM; and usually had the top 5/10 survey listings from KFXM, KMEN and KVCR-FM.
{matter of fact, i still have several of those old Tom Green columns and radio surveys somewheres in my vast personal archives...}

Lord Darth Sidious said...

here is an interesting query along the lines of the previous discussion about Tom Green's column:

does anyone remember a certain San Bernardino music/radio column that was published in a then-major weekly newspaper under the superlative working title of "THE MUSIC SAMPLER"???