Sunday, September 13, 2009

K/mentertainer September 13, 1969

Litle Woman-Bobby Sherman #1
Highest debut Tracy-Cuff Links #22 Hit Bound
Wedding Bell Blues-Fifth Dimension
That's The Way Love Is-Marvin Gaye

Groups playing the Name Game. Whatever happened to Frank Valli? Bob Darin did finally decid Bobby was the right way to go.
Interesting about article about Give Peace A Chance calling it ...the current Beatles Smash billed as The Plastic Ono Band...
1969 appears to be the year of pop festivals. A few are mentioned.
And guess what there's going to be a second Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1970 Aug 21-23 and even bigger! Or not?
Well at least they are planning a movie.

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Anonymous said...

That MaNaMaNa song is from
Sesame Street? Or did it
find it's way to SS later on?
Weird tune but catchy. That's
what I like about POP music.
It's dynamic and the evolution
is always going on.
Sorry, I dropped out of pop
music when rap came in. It was
like a nuclear bomb that obliterated
the Rock past.