Wednesday, September 09, 2009

KFXM September 9, 1960

A Million To One-Jimmy Charles
highest debut The Girl With the Story In Her Eyes-Safaris #35 New
I Want To Be Wanted/Just A little-Brenda Lee
Blue Angel-Roy Orbison
North To Alaska-Johnny Horton

KFXM is having a Golden Soundarama playing the greatest sounds of the last ten years. so did they actually play music from 1951 through 1960 on the Soundarama?


Lord Darth Sidious said...

this is generational thinking; of course, KFXM did, in fact, play a great deal of PRE-rock 'n' roll music -- both vocal and instrumental cuts from 1950-1959 era (and likely, recordings issued even prior)...
it must be understood that during this critical transitional period in AM radio broadcasting, the audience spectra was much more homogenous than in later times -- even when stations began to "rock", programming still consisted of a balance between then-current hits and the established popular music standards of previous years...
this is why most so-called "Top 40" (a misnomer) radio formats actually included surveyed playlists of 60-100 record listings or more. also important, actual programming practice (before the Drake/Chenault format revolution) allowed for flexibility whereby many disk jockeys chose many of their own record preferences for airing on their shows (later known by D/C as "breaking format").
the foregoing explanation points to a rationale of the generic term used for describing most music-playing radio broadcasters of that period as simply "Pop" or "Popular" stations (reference the newspaper listings for example).

Anonymous said...

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