Sunday, September 27, 2009

K/mentertainer September 27, 1969

Jean-Oliver #1
Highest debut Don't Waste My Time-John Mayall #27 New
Rocky Racoon-Ritchie Havens
Curly-Jimmy Clanton
Abbey Road-The Beatles

Harry Scarborough is back.
A few more than usual articles/pictures of the K/men


Anonymous said...

The perfumed letters were no joke. Tom Becker "wolfed" about getting a perfumed letter. Well, I wanted to prove that I could get perfumed letters too! It turned into a contest....and lasted for a few weeks. I got tons, Tom got some. In the end, it was NO contest. The Helmsman won....easily!
Johnny Helm
P.S. In this period was my biggst rating ever....a 21.5! (If I remember correctly, KFXM pulled a six against me.)

Lord Darth Sidious said...

that was a great accomplishment for a local radio broadcaster in 1969, Johnny, pulling a 21.5 share on the old Pulse ratings service... so you got me curious, exactly WHAT kind of schtick did 'The Helmsman' use back then on your show for persuading an audience of "chicks" and "awfully squirrelly guys" for mailing in said "perfumed" communiques???
(would be most interesting to learn this trade secret for historical purposes, you understand, man?)

Anonymous said...

F.Y.I. It was an August/September 1969 Arbitron survey.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

thank you, Sir, i stand corrected: i was un-aware KMEN had already been subscribing to the newer ratings service provider just entering the Inland Empire market then. FYI: by 1969, KFXM was still using C.E. Hooper and Pulse Inc. for their audience assessment, and i assumed KMEN did the same; and so, the grand history of San Bernardino's pop music radio competitors gets another important academic footnote...
anyway, Johnny, so WHAT 'schtick' did you perform on your shows which culminated in all those perfumed mailings you received???

POSTSCRIPTUS: checking my radio files documentation, i confirmed that, in 1972, KMEN WAS back to utilising Pulse for their ratings services along with American Research Bureau's more comprehensive audience measurement methodology.

Danny Dare said...

coincidentally, my highest rating ever was also a 21....while on the evening shift (6pm-llpm, KFXM) in
1967....Hooper had my show rated higher than ALL the other stations COMBINED (KFXM had a great signal!)
Johnny Helm followed me on the all-nighter, and I'm sure, dominated his time-slot too (although the services didn't rate 12mid-6am, it was included in the over-all rating)

Lord Darth Sidious said...

those were great audience numbers back then, Danny... no wonder your Double-D fan club was a long-time hit with the Tiger fans!