Thursday, November 26, 2009

KFXM and K/men November 25-26, 1971

Got To Be There-Michael Jackson #1 on KFXM and K/men
KFXM highest debut Sunshine-Jonathon Edwards #26 New
Brand New Key-Melanie
Hey Girl-Donny Osmond
Day After Day-Badfinger

Highest debut Desiderata-Les Crane #16
I Knew You When-Donny Osmond (each station was playing a different side of the single)
Aint Nobody Home-B.B. King
Rock Love-Steve Miller Band

Paul McCartney is coming out with his first album with Wings
Mike Nesmith and his band coming to UC Riverside and San Bernardino Valley College
New Sunday lineup includes Ted Ziegenbusch 9-Noon and Casey Kasems American Top 40 7-10 pm. So who's on Noon to 7pm?

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Anonymous said...

DESIDERATA was great and always
will be. Never heard from again, though.
It's one of those spoken-word hits
that comes around once in a great while.

Another is DAY FOR DECISION by Johnny
Sea, 1966. Just update some words and
same things are happening today.
This is an amazing pop hit. I think KFXM played it and KMEN never did.
Right? Wrong?