Wednesday, November 04, 2009

KFXM November 4, 1960

New Orleans-Gary "US" Bonds #1
Big move for Psycho-Bobby Hendricks from #18 to #4
Highest debut G.I. Blues-Elvis Presley (an album cut!) #33
Groovy Tonight/Sway-Bobby Rydell
Exodus-Ferrente & Teicher
Gee-Jan & Dean
Once Upon A Tme-Rochell & The Candles A few years ago I met a former member of the group, who was having a garage sale in San Bernardino, and bought a few records from him. He told me his name, but I don't remember.

Spotlight Albums
Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Billy Vaughn. Not much in rock and roll.

Find the KFXM Trick or Treat House and get 5.90.....


megablogger said...

Once Upon A Time was a major national doo wop hit and did well on KFWB & KRLA, but not until Jan. and Feb. 1961, so KFXM really go the jump on this goodie.

Anonymous said...

NEW ORLEANS is such a garage-
sounding hit. Loved it.
Even better for me was
DEAR LADY TWIST a bit later.
That one rocked beginning to
end. I can stand to listen to
it 10 times. Yes!!