Tuesday, November 03, 2009

KFXM Update 1985 from Craig Powers

Questions about the last days of KFXM as as Rock station.

I contacted Craig Powers and he provided information that will answer some of your questions.

Craig Powers was the last PD before the format was changed to "Music Of You Life" and remained on the air as the morning host for a few moths, then was hired to go to KEZY in Anaheim.

From Craig - I was the last jock on the air before the format change in the summer of 85. I recorded the last hour and have it on reel to reel in my garage somewhere! (I'm looking for it now). Sorry, I'm not sure of the exact date of the format change but I know it was 85 because I was at KEZY AM/FM Anaheim in 86 and also have a newspaper article regarding KEZY on my wall (in my current office) with a date of Sep 1985. The article was done on me returning to my hometown station. I believe I had been at KEZY for at least 3 months before that article came out, so the KFXM change must have been in the Spring of 85.

So if Craig went to KEZY three months before Sept 1985, which was about June 1985, and was at KFXM for about 2 months after the format change, maybe April 1985 was the switchover.

1978 on the air lineup.........1980 on the air lineup

Also from Craig-
Here was the last on air lineup at KFXM in 1985 as I remember. Though there may have been a different lineup on the KFXM Survey sheets. If so let me know!

6am-10am Craig Powers OM/PD/MD (Also did weekends at KIIS FM)(Now VP of Cameron Broadcasting)
Jeff Kelly (Phoenix TV Weatherman and news anchor)
3pm-7pm Gary Allan Engineer for KFXM/KDUO (KXEZ AC CBS Palm Springs, Ca PM Drive)
Terry Shea (Went on to weekends at KIIS FM, Curent Unknown) Mid-6am Kathy Bray (Unknown)

Al Anthony was the last GM and left as Charlton came on board. Al currently lives in Nashville, TN.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions anytime! We had a great run the last few years rockin' the Inland Empire at KFXM in the early 80's and they are also some of my fondest radio memories!


Craig Powers
VP Cameron Broadcasting

1978 survey.......................1980 survey

#1 You Don't Bring Me Flowers-Diamond/Streisand December 25, 1978
#1 February 18, 1980 Don't Do Me Like That-Tom Petty

A few last comments from Craig, to what led to the change in format
I was afternoon drive, then moved to mornings as “Craig Powers in the Morning with my dog Tyrone and secretary Betty Bendover”. I was at KFXM from 1977 to 1985 and worked for Al Anthony and Bob Bunnel. Howard Tullis was the famous owner then, but he died in Hawaii on vacation with his wife Ruth. Ruth later became the owner operator and she took a real liking to me. Charelton Buckley bought the station from Ruth and he asked me to change the format to “Music Of Your Life”. I was heartbroken but did as he asked and I remained on the air as the morning host for about a month, then I was hired to go to KEZY AM/FM.

Thank you Craig Powers!


Lord Darth Sidious said...

outstanding! thank you, Mr. Powers, t'was a superb report giving us a true insider's view of Top 40 KFXM's waning era as we remember our fab station.
and Doug, you have my personal gratitude for pursuing answers to this intriguing time for Radio 590 and also providing further documentary postings. BTW: that taping of KF's final hour(s) on-the-air as a pop music broadcaster should make for nostalgic listening...
whatta blog, i say!

Anonymous said...

Yey! Finally some sense about
the demise of the MIGHTY 590.

Also, thanks to Doug for breaking
up Craig's letter. I liked the
format. Letter...stuff...letter...stuff..
You get it.

megablogger said...

What's the real story of the following:

"Ruth later became the owner operator and she took a real liking to me."

Can you go into explicit details? Any photos?