Saturday, November 21, 2009

KFXM November 21, 1969

Creedence Clearwater Revival #1 but this week it becomes Down On The Corner
Highest debut Baby I'm For Real-Originals #20 New
Ticket To Ride-Carpenters
Walking In The Rain-Jay & The Americans
Venus-Shocking Blue
More pictures of Doug Collins, Dirty Don McCoy, Bob B. Blue, Gary Evans, Chalie Walters and Jonny Bruce with contest winners, and maybe the only picture of Phil Knight in a KFXM publication


Anonymous said...

They might be flip flopping on
CCR but they certainly got
it right for SOMEDAY WE'LL BE
TOGETHER as Diana Ross.
We all found out later it was her
and background singers--No Supremes.
It was listed on the 45 as
Diana Ross & the Supremes.
But the Sups were nowhere to
be found on this last and final
hit under the banner of DR&TS.

Sometimes the survey gets it
right. They did on this one.
Must have had music industry
insight to know it was Ms. Ross
and NO Supremes.

Anonymous said...

Did the TURTLES have any hits in
the early 70s or was LADY-O their
swan song and ended the 60s without
anything for the 70s?.

Too bad because they had so many
great hits. They all run their course.
One of my favorites was OUTSIDE CHANCE.
It didn't do well at all. Listen to it.
It rocks start to finish and has a fab
bridge. It's all good and I can listen
to it over and over.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

"Lady-O" was The Turtles' 2nd to the last hit recording in 1969.
they ended their 5-year reign on the pop charts with a re-issued cut from their 1965 debut album ("It Ain't Me Babe"); the song was "Eve of Destruction" and peaked in July 1970.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like their EVE OF DESTRUCTION
charted even less than OUTSIDE

There's a video of them doing OUTSIDE
on Lloyd Thaxton show in 1965.
It's in the Turtles Greatest Hits DVD and
probably on UTube.

Anonymous said...

OUTSIDE CHANCE, a great song written by the late Warren Zevon!

Armando From Colton