Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KFXM November 25, 1960

Are You Lonesome Tonight-Elvis Presley #1
Highest debut Corina Corrina-Ray Peterson #31
Survey nicely decorated for Thanksgiving. New
Mr. Livingston-Larry Verne a folowup to Mr Custer
Notice both Frankie Avalon and Annette have new singles this week


Lord Darth Sidious said...

charting a hit recording (e.g. "Wonderland By Night" at #40 on this week's KFXM survey) on most Pop Music charts back then was
not often for Louis Prima...
which is really too bad cuz this
guy and his band (Sam Butera & The Witnesses) rocked and wailed with some great tunes during his career -- most of which took place in nightclubs and, like Wayne Newton, in Las Vegas.
apparently, being borne of the World War II generation did not transcend his great musical talent with the Baby Boomers at the time!

Anonymous said...

Frankie and Annette are winding down
from a few years of hits. Don't think
they ever had much later. Frankie
did a few more but weren't big hits at all.

Hate to say it, but the WAX TO WATCH
list is truly all turkeys. The closest thing
to a mid hit would be DANCE BY THE
LIGHT OF THE MOON by the Olymmpics.
Always liked that song. It rocks from
groove 1 to the last. Yes, I know it's
all 1 single groove physically. Don't get

The Corrina Corrina remake is great.
Loved the Joe Turner version some
years back, but this one was a great
updated version. Made you wanna
dance, dance, dance.........
Even if you didn't dance, it made you
tap your feet and imagine yourself on
the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

You're right.
KFXM had foresight to put that
turkey picture right in the middle
of WAX TO WATCH. Very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 songs on the ax To Watch list that made the top 25 on Billboard "Blue Tango" by Bill Black's Combo got to #16

"Fools Rush In" by Brook Benton
reached #24.

"Dance By The Light of the Moon"
while a big hit in So. Cal (#11 on
KFWB & KRLA) didn't reach the Billboard Top 40. Too bad, it was always my favorite by The Olympics!

Bob Harlow

Anonymous said...

You're typo says it better:

Lord Darth Sidious said...

ditto Bob Harlow's comments.
agree with him i do, more overlooked music selections on "WAX TO WATCH" there is. much good listening possibilities there are. judgment premature for dissing non-big charting records out-of-hand, yes?