Wednesday, November 11, 2009

KFXM November 11, 1960

Last Date-Floyd Cramer /Lawernce Welk #1
Highest debut Sixty Minute Man-Untouchables #35 I've never heard this version before.
Biggest jump into the top 10 from #40 Gee Whiz-Innocents/Bobby DayNew guy on KFXM Phil Cross. Anyone have any info on him?
Are You Lonesome Tonight?-Elvis Presley
Ol' McDonald-Frank Sinatra (A Waller!)
Poetry In Motion-Johnny Tillotson
Jaguar and Thunderbird-Chuck Berry

Noting that KFXM is covering the Inland Empire's election news. Remember this was the Kennedy-Nixon election. Look at the artist at #6 Togetherness

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Anonymous said...

Never ever heard LAST DATE
by Grandpa Welk.
Did anybody play this?
I used to listen to the
station a lot during this time
and don't recall the WELK version.
Maybe it was a gratuitous plug.
Had to be. KFXM was the only
game in town at the time.
Things will change radically in
18 months! Something about a new
station in the cow pasture on