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KFXM and K/men December 24, 1971---The Hits of 1971

The Hits of 1971
The Year End Surveys of K/MEN and KFXM recapping the Top 129 and Top 100 of the year The #1 song of the year Joy To The World-Three Dog Night and #2 Mr. Big Stuff-Jean Knight on both stations
K/men gave you an extra 29 on their survey, some which made the top 100 on KFXM
Background information on K/mentertainers for 1971-1972 from reader Lord Darth Sidious
"the final issue of the K/mentertainer WAS dated for Dec. 10-16, 1971 -- same survey issue that Bill McKinney autographed for you.
my documentation (and recalled memory) indicate that KMEN owner, Veljon Inc., had completed an audit and it was determined by Budwin (Scott) and station manager Pat Schaughnessy to suspend the publication status until they could determine a more cost-effective way of doing this public service. they later decided on that 45-RPM record shuck format thinking its unique appearance would be promotionally beneficial to both the record shops and listeners as well as helping with the station's public image; therefore, the first "KMEN HITLINE" was published on 25 January 1972."
Thank you for the information!
KFXM published their survey in multi colors this week

No weekly survey published this week, but based on next week survey, here is the KFXM survey


Anonymous said...

How did music start to suck so bad in less than 2 years?

Anonymous said...

You're right. I felt depressed by
the music even more by 1973.
Too few choices of great music.
There were the exceptions and not
the rule.
Seemed like were were in a black
hole of music. Wasn't worth
listening for the most part.

So we made our way through 73, 74
and then 75 revived it with DISCO.
I know it wasn't for everybody but
I think it rejuvinated the music and
was a great time. It could only last
so long. 1980 killed it. Then it only
got worse with RAP crap. I stopped
listening by 1984.

Ahhhhhhhh....da oldies. I mean 50s,60s.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

ah yes, it could simply mean that some of us just got older (in our minds), the music of the 'present' no longer met our spheres of generational interest and affinity, and then, BOOM -- this One also fell out-of-step with the whole music scene by 1984 or thereabouts and quit listening -- yet re-discovered jazz, classical, blues, etc. which have helped to fill in the gaps nicely.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

ya know, bloggers, i was just
sitting here thinking, waxing
nostalgic when all of a sudden
i recalled quite clearly how
OUR PARENTS of their generation said pretty much the exact same things being commented about right here about the music scene (i.e., the Rock 'N' Roll era) that followed their growing years...
and before that, THEIR FOLKS said the same darn things about the Big Band era, and on-and-on it went with succeeding generations back to the the dawn of recorded music -- and even much before that!

kinda makes an enlightened being wanna rethink one's critiques about what has come after us when it is all placed in relative
perspective, yes?

Anonymous said...

I remember my dad coming into my room and yelling, "turn that s**t down!!!!"

This was KFXM at this time in the very early 60's with CALCUTTA by Lawrence Welk, EXODUS by Ferrante and Teicher and DON'T WORRY by Marty Robbins in the mix...sure, there were rock and roll tunes like CORRINA CORRINA and LOVEY DOVEY, but really now...Larry, Art and Lou (Exodus) and Marty were NOT rock and about the whole Top 40 being rejected by parents just because there were some rock tunes in there...

Reminds me of today when the entire Top 30 is rejected because of some RAP tunes...

And...the beat goes on....