Monday, December 28, 2009

KFXM December 26, 1969

1969 #1 Come Together-Beatles #1 Get Together-Youngbloods #2 Sugar Sugar-Archies #3
I've got a problem with this ranking, which I had calculated myself in 1969. Feel free to go back and look at the 1969 KFXM surveys.
First #3 Sugar Sugar reached #16 8/22/69 and was on the survey 6 weeks. This probably had more basis in the national charts, than the KFXM survey.
Come Together/Something on the KFXM survey 9 weeks and #1 for 4 weeks.
Get Together on the KFXM chart for 17 weeks and also #1 for 4 weeks. It stayed at higher position more weeks than the #1 song. I guess it looks better if the Beatles were #1 for the year.
Based on next weeks Last Week column Venus-Shocking Blue #1


Lord Darth Sidious said...

OH BOY, THOSE END-OF-THE-YEAR COUNTDOWN listings for the Top Hits for any particular year have always been a source of contention
for many die-hard music survey chart buffs -- whether it was the national year-end lists from Billboard, Record World and Cashbox, or our local pop music radio stations' own individual rankings.
when this One was on duty in the trenches, it was all according which accounting methodology was used by whatever station music director who was charged with putting together these listings.
and, like our Blog Administrator has hinted at, often times those final tunes-of-the-year charts
were at the mercy of whimsical prejudices/favouritism which in turn affected the credibility for the year's final Top Hits summaries.

quite so, it was the chart buffs' privilege to usually calculate
their own lists which may have more accurately reflected the actual cume tallies from the source weekly music surveys. indeed, those were fun days for many a nerdy chartologists -- including this One!

Anonymous said...

So we'll leave the impressionable 60's
behind in a few days. Most impressive
decade in pop music.

Between 70 and 75 music we will be in a
limbo-like state.
Wake up, it's 75 and DISCO comes alive
and radio wakes up with a genre of
it's own. dat motha
down. Let the disco balls spin spin spin.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

shaking up the music scene by 1975
reminds me of a memorable personality this One
once knew durng that same era period when the Citizens Band Radio craze was afoot.
this guy's handle was "X-L-T" and
this hard-charging, wise-cracking, Okie-type blue-collar laborer was often heard singing the lyrics to a disco-fied hit recording by K.C. & The Sunshine Band, to wit:
Shake your booty, yeah!
Shake your booty, yeat!"

to this very day, i will ALWAYS
associate this K.C. song with good ole X-L-T, recalling those days with fondness for the disco music and for "being (You got your ears) on the Two-Way", 10-4!