Thursday, December 31, 2009

KFXM December 29, 1971 Happy New Year's EVE!

American Pie-Don Mclean #1

Sugar Baby-Jackson 5 #28
Black Dog-Led Zeppelin #29
Me And Bobby McGee-Jerry Lee Lewis #30
Three distinct styles of music

Never Been To Spain-Three Dog Night
No K/men surveys for awhile and this is the explanation for those that missed it last week.
Background information on K/mentertainers for 1971-1972 from reader Lord Darth Sidious
"the final issue of the K/mentertainer WAS dated for Dec. 10-16, 1971 -- same survey issue that Bill McKinney autographed for you.
My documentation (and recalled memory) indicate that KMEN owner, Veljon Inc., had completed an audit and it was determined by Budwin (Scott) and station manager Pat Schaughnessy to suspend the publication status until they could determine a more cost-effective way of doing this public service. they later decided on that 45-RPM record shuck format thinking its unique appearance would be promotionally beneficial to both the record shops and listeners as well as helping with the station's public image; therefore, the first "KMEN HITLINE" was published on 25 January 1972."
Thank you for the information!

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