Wednesday, December 16, 2009

K/mentertainer December 13, 1969

Cherry Hill Park-Billy Joe Royal #1 The stations seem to agree
Highest debuts Mind Body & Soul-Flaming Ember #26 She Belongs To Me-Rick Nelson #27 New
I Want You Back-Jackson 5
This would make John Robert Walker 40 Years Old

Bobby Sherman finally made it big.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that little baby is 40 years old! I remember the day Robert E. & Nancy came down to the station to show off their newborn. Sad to say, I learned of Nancy's passing just a few days ago.
Johnny Helm

Anonymous said...

Yes hard to believe he's 40 now.
Where is Robert E Walker these

Another hard to believe is the
40 year debut of The JACKSON 5.
It's been a wild career for
4 decades. Michael took it all
with him last June.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to hear what the 12/13/69 Grateful Dead show at the Swing Auditorium advertised in this K/MEN tertainer sounded like? Follow this link to and hear a streaming version:

Armando From Colton