Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KFXM December 30, 1960

Exodus-Ferrante & Teicher #1
Highest debut Bonanza-David Rose #27 New
Rockin' Rollin' Ocean-Hank Snow
Shop Around-Miracles

KFXM did not publish a top 100 for the year. (As far as I know)

My calculations of the weekly surveys show these as the Top Songs of 1960

  • 1. Last Date-Floyd Cramer
  • 2. It's Now Or Never/A Mess Of Blues-Elvis Presley
  • 3. Are You Lonesome Tonight/I Gotta Know-Elvis Presley
  • 4. Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith
  • 5. Exodus-Ferrante & Teicher
  • 6. A Million To One-Jimmy Charles
  • 7. Stuck On You/Fame & Fortune-Elvis Presley
  • 8. Cathy's Clown/Always It's You-Everly Brothers
  • 9. Love You So-Ron Holden
  • 10. Because You're Young-Duane Eddy


Lord Darth Sidious said...

it seems the year-end practice of compiling a pop music radio station's annual cumlative hits listing did not catch on until around 1965 or so...
checking through my archives of various survey collections from around the U.S.A.,
bears out this trend not including, perhaps, any exceptions which have not yet come to my attention.

on the other hand, GRAND ADMINISTRATOR DOUG has indeed come up with a 1960 Top Ten listing of KFXM's biggest hits that looks right on the mark...
{now for the rest of Doug's list of the remaining chart positions #11 thru 100, hmmmmmmmm (wishful thinking)}

Anonymous said...

KRLA did a Top 50 of 1960
The Top 10 were:

1. Theme From "A Summer Place"
2. It's Now Or Never
3. Cathy's Clown
4. Sweet Nothin's
5. Itsy Bitsy..Bikini
6. He'll Have To Go
7. Because They're Young
8. A Thousand Stars
9. Mr. Custer
10. Tell Laura I Love Her

KRLA Also Published a Top 30 for 1962 and a Top 50 for 1963.

Bob Harlow

megablogger said...

Hank Snow?!?! Was that record actually played on KFXM?

Anonymous said...

#25 Goat Riders in the Sky?
One of my favorites.

Lord Darth Sidious said...
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Lord Darth Sidious said...

RE "G-O-A-T- Riders In The Sky"...
wasn't that the 1922 song recorded BEFORE the advent of electrically amplified recording apparatus -- where studios used the old
TIN CAN microphones???