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Channel 18 Presents...The Beach Boys, the Astronauts and The Torquays

Channel 18 presents...
My mother had saved many articles from the San Bernardino Sun Telegram, and in some cases the whole sections of the newspaper, after the 22nd day of November in 1963.
I went through the papers the other day, and found some ads and articles, that might be a little interesting. The Beach Boys, The Astronauts and The Torquays at the Municipal Auditorium in San Bernardino from 8:30 pm until Midnight, and to be broadcast on Channel 18 9:30-10:30
Jay Michael was Master of Ceremonies
Anyone out there attend or know anything about Jay Michael?

Retro: San Bernardino, Ca. Friday, October 17, 1962

Found this site that gives a schedule of Channel 18. Notice that KFXM is mentioned, and djs Chuck Daughtery and Lyle Kilgore have their own show at 6:00 pm.
Also look at the program on at 11:30 pm


Anonymous said...

Hey that's great stuff.
I checked out the SUN link and the
channel 18 lineup is so....early 60s.
Especially the late late night show
Based on what, sexy ways??
Best flirt? Best comeon lines?
I woulda loved a class on flirting.
Certainly not academics. Well, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Long Beach when KCHU was on the air but not only did the signal not reach LB we didn't have UHF on our TV. Even my uncle in San Bernardino didn't have UHF so I never got to watch KCHU when visiting. The first UHF station, and first public broadcasting tv station in southern california was KTHE Ch.27 in Los Angeles, run by USC on the air from 1954 to 1957. By the way Ricco Gregg who wrote the retro KCHU schedule is a friend of mine; a former San Bernardino resident and DJ (under another name) now living in L.A. Does anyone know who Jay Michaels was ? Never heard of him. Jonny Bruce

Lord Darth Sidious said...

KUDOS TO THE DOUGMASTER for sharing some historic pages from
The Sun-Telegram of olde...
and the link for Berdoo town's first television station sure brought back some cool memories!!

recall having gone down there to visit the KCHU studio a couple times and the guys there were very accomodating in giving a tour of the broadcast facilities and letting this One hang around to see how programs were produced.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

speaking of which, say, Jonny:
have you any word on whatever happened to SHERMAN MASON, who was great Newsman for KFXM/KDUO-FM and later did the evening newscasts when the UHF TV station relocated to Valley College???

Sherman was a mentor of mine and got to be a friend of me familia.
i always admired the man for his stentorian voice, clarity and hard-punchiness in broadcasting the news along with his journalistic professionalism.
i dare say what he taught this One served me well later in life.

Anonymous said...

On Sherman Mason. I don't know what
compression they were using on him
but he could sure put a punch on
those newscasts on KFXM.
I looked forward to them always.
It had a sound, punch, I never heard

Where is the Mason guy????????

Anonymous said...

The other guy that had a real
punch was the guy that did the
ID: "This is a tullis and hearne station,
K F X M, San Bernardino serving riverside,
san bernardino and the Inland Empire".
This was an early 60's id that was
used on and off into the mid 60s.
That Station ID had real punch and
a great sound to it.

I forgot his name but I got to know
him from KDUO. We'd go to Sandy's
restaurant on E St by Orange Show rd, now a mexican
restaurant next to the Shell gas stn.
He was quite a character and fun
to be around. Many laughs with
him. A twisted sense of
humor and a great voice. Terrible I forgot his name. Somebody help me on that.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall the name of the guy who voiced the ID's. I never met him. Sherman Mason was one of the all time great newscasters, and a good friend as well. I last saw him in 1983 when he came to visit my wife and I at our San Bernardino home. His daughter Annie had married an I.E newsman Ray Payton (his last gig was as PD of 1050 KCAA)who was at 1440 KPRO at the time. Ray did some part time work here at KDES a few years ago and mentioned Sherman was in a nursing home and not in good shape. Ray is now doing a 66 year prision stint and won't be released until he is 116. Jonny Bruce

Lord Darth Sidious said...
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Lord Darth Sidious said...


first, i am most appreciative for the info on Sherman. if possible, do you know the name of that nursing home??? this One would like to arrange for a member from me familia to go visit with Sherm (in lieu my disablement to travel) before it is too late.

secondly, like what in heck got into Mr. Payton to do whatever it was that landed him permanently in the joint? hope Annie is still okay despite this unbelievable situation! geeze, first Humble Harv, then Fred Cote and now Ray Payton...

and third, taking a stab at who did the voice-over for KF's standard on-the-hour ID, could it have been Gordon Ross who was a mainstay staff announcer/newsman on KDUO-FM for many years?

Lord Darth Sidious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

No, it was not Gordon Ross.

Keep thinking......

Anonymous said...

On Ray Peyton: Found this on
the internet:

He was sentenced to 66 years for
child molestation.
Heck of a sentence.
Now you can kill a dozen people
and get a dozen years and be
out in 6.

I post this for inquiring minds

Lord Darth Sidious said...

yeah, sad to know Mr. Payton got such a disproportionate sentence for that particular conviction...
but, the citizen-politic nowadays views "Chester The Molester" as someone to be more feared than , say, "Charlie The Manson", methinks!

Lord Darth Sidious said...

been trying to think back to the great disk jockey voices i heard over the years during the classic KFXM era: another superb vocal talent was LYLE KILGORE, who went on from spinning records to being a stately newsman on the Los Angeles radio scene for many years... now HE had the chops to do the On-The-Hour Legal Station ID for KF.
still, though, someone else in Howard Tullis' stable of broadcasting alumni may ultimately have been THE VOICE-OVER we're looking for here but, unfortunately for this One, the gentleman's name slips the mind at present. oh vell...

Anonymous said...

Ok the ID announcer I was thinking
of was George. Can't think of the
last name but I got that far.

Early 60s KFXM powerful Station
ID. George xxx. Help me out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think George jocked at
KFXM but his ID was the most
powerful one they ever had.
It had punch and made you go "wow".

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm still trying to figure out the
ID announcer Geroge xxxx.

Not getting anywhere.

BUT, I actually found the ID.
I have it as an MP3.
Good, so good, to hear it again.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

Anony, how's about uploading the same MP3 station ID on to YouTube.Com? seems like a good time as any to have the entire classic KFXM jingles collection publicly available -- from whomever may have CLEAN/UN-ADULTERATED cuts of these historic hometown radio identifiers...

couldn't be "GEORGE BABCOCK" we're thinking about for the legal ID voice-over???

and then, of course, there was always Bill "The" Bellman, a grand olde voice from the Empire Days of Golden Age Radio. listened to a lot a fab stories from Bill about his times during that era as he did mucho staff announcing work.

we are surely digging way into the past for our answer to this quandry!

Anonymous said...

No, neither George Babcock or
Bill on the Station ID.

Keep trying. No door prize but
I'd like to know.

I'll email you the jingle.
Where to?

Lord Darth Sidious said...

WHAT, NO DOOR PRIZE for guessing
who done did that 'Famous 59'
legal on-the-hour "Tullis & Hearne" station identification all those decades ago?!
(was kinda hoping for a two-week cruise package to Gitchygoomy -- ya know, to get a-away from it all)

hopefully, we are NOT talking about another local Southern Cal. stenatorian broadcasting vocal talent, the late George PUTNUM, who also had the authoritative inflection and delivery to cut such an ID for KF!
naw, it had to be someone already in old Howard's stable from his various station entities, be it KAFY, KDEO, KFXM or FM outlets...

we need another clue here, folks!

Anonymous said...

Nope, not PUTNAM.

Keep trying. This George was
not a well-known jock.
KDUO in early 70s.

There may be a six pack of
Diet Rite Cola or a six packs of
"hits" waiting for you at the end of
this trivia. How many times did we all
win those prizes on KFXM?
Actually, once in a while there
were a few gems that never made it in
those "six pack of hits". Hits was
a word overly abused in there.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

all right then, does George CORNEAL ring a bell from "KDUO-FM at 97.5FM on your Radio Dial with the Smooth Scintillating Sounds of Lush Stereo Music for the Inland Empire"???
Mr. Corneal held down FM-shifts during the same period as monsieurs Ross, Kling and Williams.

actually forgot about those bountiful six-packs of "Diet Rite Colas" offered as supplementary prizes now and then... but give this One the ole "6-Pack of Hits" any day because lots of those B-sides turned out some surprise listening over and above the dead-ended "A" sides of the woofers usually mixed in with the legitimate hit records!

Anonymous said...

No prize yet.

Sent Don Elliot an email about
the ID guy. I'm sure he knows.
Let ya know.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

guess-timate on the mystery voice-over, so will have to content me Self with a signed photograph of Buzz Bennett, and get new batteries for mein transistor radio...

Danny Dare said...

Can't give your the KFXM ID announcer's name - but can give you the rest of the story. Al Anthony told me he ran into this guy with this fantastic, deep resonant voice who was not in radio and asked him to do the station ID. Al said he had to work with the guy on take after take after take to get what we all remember. What a voice!

Lord Darth Sidious said...

contributed by super-guy Danny Dare, and we're getting closer to the mark on who did that great voice-over for KFXM's legal station identification.
the direction of the "hunt" for the name of "this guy with this fantastic, deep resonant voice who was not in radio" now seems headed off in Almondo Fiori's neck of the Tennessee woods...

BTW: aloha oe, Danny, and just how are those fine WAHINIS doing this time of the year over there???

Carlos said...

Don't remember this ID you guys are talking who was the puker that did the KFXM legals that also included other local towns..? Such as "KFXM San Bernardino, also serving Big Bear Lake" (followed by jingle) More music-music-music ?

Christen Rosamilia said...

My Dad was part owner of KRNO then came up with a desire to start a t.v. station, and so started KCHU channel 18. I love the Beach Boys ad because I didn't have a date on it, but my brother and I (in elementary school then) got to go backstage and meet them.
I am working on a wikipedia article I hope to publish soon, on KCHU. Any links or other information would be much appreciated. Christen (Rogers) Rosamilia