Saturday, February 13, 2010

KFXM February 13, 1970

Who'll Stop the Rain-Creedence Clearwater Revival #1
Highest debut Easy Come, Easy Go-Bobby Sherman #25
Big jump Bridge Over Troubled Waters-Simon & Garfunkel #3 from #25Group picture with Jonny Bruce, "Dirty" Don McCoy, Charlie Walters and Bob B. Blue
and the contest winner Darlene Chase
Come And Get It-Badfinger
Celebrate-Three Dog Night
Never heard Won't Find Better-New Hope


Anonymous said...

Was "CHARLIE WALTERS" an interchangable Tullis & Hearne DJ name? The man who is "Charlie Walters" on the survey cover is an older gentleman who had been at KFXM back in the 1960s. The "Charlie Walters" in the group picture is NOT the same man. So either the man in the group picture was MISLABLED "Charlie Walters," or it was ANOTHER talent brought in told to use the "Charlie Walters" name. Lee Bartell at KCBQ did the same thing.
So, was it MISLABLED or were there actually TWO "Charlie Walters" at KFXM?

Anonymous said...

It is really Charlie!!! Yes, I recall he wanted to moderize his image and look hipper so he got a wig etc. to give him a more youthfull look. Jonny Bruce

Lord Darth Sidious said...

straight-forward, Middle-Of-The-Road conversational approach in his vocal deliveries while he jocked at KF...

so, does anyone know what happened to good ole Charlie after his days at Radio 590???

Bill Earl said...

As someone who used to be follicaly challenged, there is no doubt that Walters looked like a different person with a full head of hair. I met him in 1968 and I wouldn't have recognized him in that group shot. Funny why the station did not replace the cover photo with one of him WITH a full head of hair. I wonder what he looks like today or where he is. Anyone know?