Tuesday, February 16, 2010

KFXM and K/men February 15-16, 1972

Without You-Nilsson #1
Highest debut No One To Depend On-Santana #25 New
Son Of My Father-Giorgio
Louisiana-Mike Kennedy
A Horse With No Name-America
Rare Earth-REO Speedwagon-Canned Heat Swing Auditorium February 25th Precious & Few-Climax #1
Highest debut Sweet Seaons-Carole King #22
Ring The Living Bell-Melanie
Mother & Child Reunion-Paul Simon
Let's see, would I be able to make a CD from the songs on these two lists? If I remember correctly, in 1972 I did make an 8 Track with about 20 songs from around this time period, although I don't remember the songs on the tape.
Today it would be:
Joy-Apollo 100 (Why did this version and not The Ventures version make it?)
Stay with Me-Faces
Rock & Roll Lullabye-B.J. Thomas
(Someone told me the Beach Boys were on this record, or did it just sound like them?)
Bang A Gong-T. Rex
Sweet Seaons-Carole King
Nice To Be With You-Gallery (See, bubblegum is still around in the 70's)
No One To Depend On-Santana
Heart Of Gold-Neil Young
Son Of My Father-Giorgio (Bought this on a 45 at this time)
Lousiana-Mike Kennedy (Former lead singer for Los Bravos)
White Lies, Blue Eyes-Bullet
Sing A Song-Allis Chalmers (I actually also bought this on a 45!)


Lord Darth Sidious said...

ZOWIE, THE ALL-TIME 1972 HITS CLASSICS from the Dougmaster keeps on rolling out!
CD-compilation #3 offered a few surprises albeit good ones:
1. "Joy" by Apollo 100* was a toe-tapping, 20th electronic tribute to the great classics composer Johann Sabastian Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring".
2. "Stay With Me" was a superb follow-up for Rod Stewart & Group's earlier mega-hit, "Maggie May".
3. "Son Of My Father" by Giorgio (Moroder) was actually a VERY early DISCO-fied hit in-the-making being played in New York, Los Angeles and European discotheques, a forerunner of the huge Dance Era just a few years away.
4. "Sing A Song" by Allis-Chalmers is both a personal and professional favourite of mine due to my once-time connection with the band's manager and this One's own promotion efforts.
BTW: as many rural radio listeners already figured out, the artist's name comes from a former tractor company!

*as to WHY The Ventures did not successfully chart with their own version of "JOY" is, perhaps, an unfortunate oversight of recorded musical history. certainly this well-known classical tune should have provided the legendary instrumental group with an impetus for a major hit; however, with Morodor's version making waves as a sign of (Disco) things to come, perhaps the 60-ish Venture version did not quite pique the 1970's decade audience of the time.
FYI: around the same period, The Ventures did release (in my opinion) another excellent non-vocal cut titled, "SKYLAB (Passport To The Future)" as a stirring Star Trekish-paean to America's first long-term presence in outer-space; and to my regret, this song never got the airplay it deserved.

Lord Darth Sidious said...


just gotta share that Venture's tune already spoken of earlier...

1st, here's a link to the original version of "SKYLAB (Passport To The Future)" circa 1973:


and 2nd, a link for a highly talented Japanese musician named "Nokiefujii" who, in 2009, performed a superb-O live version of this amazing instrumental song:


hope y'all can dig this under-rated FLASHBACK!