Thursday, February 04, 2010

KFXM & K/men February 2, 1972

The Lion Sleeps Tonight-Robert John #1
Highest debut Black Dog-Led Zeppelin #27 New
No One To Depend On-Santana
Heart Of Gold-Neil Young
Let's Stay Together-Al Green #1
Highest debut Floy Joy-Supremes #27
Music Express makes music at The Holiday Inn. Is this the same local group on Rock-It Records from the late sixties, that evolved from The Torquays?
Glory Bound-Grassroots
Rock & Roll Lullaby-B.J. Thomas


Anonymous said...

YOU the first time I heard it.
Very angelic and almost spiritual.
Harsh singer that gives it depth.
Never heard this song again after
it's brief climb up the charts.
Sounded great on KHJ. But then what
didn't sound great in the KHJ
ambiance. Even in the early 70s when
KHJ had lost it's grip.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

this One also had a similar reaction when he first heard the 1969 recording of "Black Pearl" by Sonny Charles & The Checkmates...
'angelic and almost spiritual', exhilirating at times with the backing chorus providing that
heavenly lift. a classic in my book and remains one of my all-time gospel-soul favourites.

Anonymous said...

And Spector was behind BLACK PEARL.
Imagine that......
BP was River Deep enhanced.
Guess he put in elements that shoulda
been in River Deep.
Nonetheless, RD, stands as a great
great production.