Sunday, February 28, 2010

KFXM February 27, 1970

Holly Go Softly-Cornerstone #1 Who saw that coming? Did not make the national top 100
Highest debut Love Grows-Edison Lighthouse #27 New
Love Me Or Let Me Be Lonely-Friends Of Distinction
Time To Get It Together-Country Coalition


Anonymous said...

That #1 this week looks suspicious.
Did KMEN even play it?
If they didn't, it sure looks really
suspicious. Pay for play?
Who paid who to do this?
Never ever heard this song again
after this.

There are regional hits that a lot
of stations play. If this is a single
station doing this, I'd throw out
any validity on it being #1 on the charts.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

Cornerstone's cover of the Magnificent Men's song (co-written by Toni Wine) Bubbled Under at #104 starting March 21, 1970. It stayed on the Bubbling Under chart for four weeks. The single was on Liberty Records -- Liberty 56148.

still unable to figure the KF-connection with this particular charted anomaly... perhaps Jonny Bruce can help shed some light on this "suspicious" Number One single heard on Tiger airwaves.

Anonymous said...

I was music director at the time. Never got a dime for adding the tune, which I recall at the time was doing good in a few other markets; I think they were Denver, Portland and or Phoenix. Lyle's and Gillette's had it at the top of local sales that week. Jonny Bruce.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

THANK YOU, JONNY, for setting the record straight about Cornerstone's sole hit being placed on The Tiger Thirty surveys...
knowing you as i do, it was unfair for someone to post a commentary alleging improprieties concerning this particular add on KF's playlist.
know ye all: Jonny Bruce's tenure as M.D. was both noble and honorable in very respect.