Friday, July 15, 2011

KMEN July 15, 1966

Summer In The City-Lovin' Spoonful #1
New in the top ten
They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha-Napoleon XIV #8
Mother's Little Helper-Rolling Stones #9
I remember listening to Chuck Christensen staying awake and breaking the world's record
7 And 7 Is-Love
Cool Jerk-Capitals
Working In a Coal Mine-Lee Dorsey
Pschotic Reaction-Count 5


Anonymous said...

DOUG, yer LATEST dateline does NOT match with the posted images, whoops!

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Thanks! Supposed to do 1980, but nothing until next week.

alanforduk said...

In 1999 John Raven(s)croft/Peel shared his BBC Radio 1 show with fellow DJ Simon Mayo who was going for a 37 hour DJing record.
John briefly mentions KMEN and Chuck Christensen's staying-awake record in part 1 of the show
Part 2 here:

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear "Summer in the City" I'm brought back to those stifling hot and still summer nights cruising E Street in San Bernardino. The car windows are all open and the air seems almost too hot to breath. Traffic was slow but we had no particular place to go. Downtown San Bernardino was still reminiscent of those Petula Clark songs.