Friday, July 29, 2011

KFXM July 28, 1980

For the next few weeks, the KFXM surveys seemed to be really messed up.  This week is the same as last week, even with the same LAST WEEK numbers.  The only difference is that there are two additional songs Pop Musik-M #24 and Rapper's Delight-The Sugar Hill Gang #25 (will drop off next week, and be back in September). 
The survey at the bottom of this listing is what I made up years ago based on the LAST WEEK numbers on the August 4, 1980 survey.  The asteriks were my estimate of what made the survey at the time. Another Brick In The Wall and Ride Like The Wind were both marked for #9 as LAST WEEK on next weeks survey.  That's the info for whoever is interested.

So is the actual survey for July 28, 1980 (based on next weeks survey).  Could be. Maybe Craig Powers can tell me what was going on with surveys July-August-Sept 1980. 
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me-Billy Joel #1
New in the top ten
Funky Town-Lipps, Inc #3 and highest debut and returning after two months
Sexy Eyes-Dr Hook #4 and debuting and returning after two months
The Biggest Part Of Me-Ambrosia #5 returned to survey after two months
The Rose-Bette Midler #6 returned to survey after a month and a half
Call Me-Blondie #8 returned to survey after three months
Take Your Time-SOS Band #10
also back on the survey after beingoff for awhile #11-19, and also #20-23 will fall off, but will be back.
Actually the only songs that appear to be new/current and not on a return trip to the survey are #1, 2,7,9,10 and the coming surveys will include more songs returning to the survey for awhile.  Confusing?? So can anyone at the station in July 1980 explain the situaton? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is messed up. Pop Music by M was almost a year old!

Anonymous said...

All right, gentlemen, I AM confused!

The whole KFXM weekly surveys issue either needs to be redated or redacted, if any sense is to made of them as being valid for the time period in question.