Thursday, July 21, 2011

KMEN July 20, 1973

Anyone get their KFXM postcards?
Natural High-Bloodstone #1
New in the top ten
So Very Hard To Go-Tower Of Power #8
The Morning After-Maureen McGovern #9
Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett #10
The Hurt-Cat Stevens
Clouds-David Gates
At The Swing
Edgar Winter
Jo Jo Gunne
Spooky Tooth

Question for the K/MEN of 1973.  KFXM was playing Money-Pink Floyd, on KMEN it was going up the survey for two weeks then disappeared July 13?   What happened here?  Maybe I can hear from Jim Quinn, Buddy Scott, Dusty Morgen, Doug DeRoo, Danny Dare, Ben McCoy or Ken Stevens for an answer?  Thanks!

Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett #1
New in the top ten
One Tin Soldier-Coven #2
Brother Louie-Stories #4
Touch Me In The Morning-Diana Ross #9
Highest debut
Uneasy Rider-Charlie Daniels #24
Here I Am (Come And Take Me)-Al Green
Young Love-Donny Osmond
Delta Dawn-Helen Reddy
Old Betsy Goes Boing Boing Boing-Hummers


Lord Darth Rageous said...
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Lord Darth Rageous said...

Doug, i am sorry to report that the gentleman, who made that call about the abrupt drop-off of Pink Floyd's "Money" from The Rock of the Inland Empire's playlist, Bill Rhodes, is dead. Our former Music Director died in an unfortunate accident, having fallen from the roof of a stereo store he managed -- following his departure from KMEN. And the reason for that anomalous choice died with him!

Anonymous said...

Bill could not have been the only
one who knew of the MONEY exclusion.
Come on, jocks at the station had
to talk to others at KMEN and wonder
why this big hit was being played
across the street and not them.

People talk....and talk and talk.
Those inside KMEN had to know because
they talked to Bill.

I know Bill would not play
TSOP in Spring of 74 because it
was "too repetitive". But then,
KMEN was going in a different
direction by early 74. Just a note.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Of course, Bill "talked" with other KMEN staffers (NOT just the air personnel); however, knowing him as I did, HIS rationale (and his ONLY) was "The Decider" on all things music at KMEN -- just like G.W. Bush said about his presidency.
Bill was a real stickler for ANYONE leaning on what he considered the sole propriety of his Music Department responsibility. And that's the truth about this matter,
you can darned sure.
BTW, I NEVER heard Bill mention whether he personally liked/disliked "Money" as a TOP FORTY cut... Yet, I also knew how determined he was for making the most precise survey listings reflective of local music outlet telephone surveys, requests, tip sheets, trade mags as well as the entourage of record promoters and/or recording artists with whom he dealt with on a daily/weekly basis.
I would just as soon leave Bill Rhodes to simply R.I.P., end of subject.