Sunday, July 24, 2011

K/MEN July 22, 1966

You're looking at one of my surveys I used to mark up and probably was stuck in one of my pockets. Well I never had a better copy of this survey.  I probably had two at the time this was marked, but not now.  This is a well used artifact of a 1960s radio surveys that I'm sure many others have also have similarly marked.
They're Coming To Take Me Away-Napoleon XIV #1
New in the top ten
Red Rubber Ball-Cyrkle #6
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love-Petula Clark #10
Sunshine Superman-Donovan 
God Only Knows-Beach Boys

Who saw The Rolling Stones concert with The Standells, Syndicate Of Sound and The McCoys at the Swing Auditorium?  Tickets 3, 4, 5 dollars.   Anyone notice it was scheduled for 2 O'Clock in the afternoon?


alanforduk said...

What's the K/MEN Goat ??

alanforduk said...

and I see that JR has moved from 6-9am to the 9-midnight slot.

Anonymous said...

JR being shifted to late shift
is a sign he's headed out the door.
And not by choice!!
Lucky he didn't get the
all-nighter. That would really
be a blow and a sign to look

alanforduk said...

I think he was there for at least another 9 months