Thursday, July 07, 2011

KFXM July 6, 1962

Thene From Dr. Kildare-Richard Chamberlain #1
new in the top ten
Night Train-James Brown #9
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Neil Sedaka #10
Highest debut
Twist and Shout-Isley Brothers #27
Your Nose Is Gonna Grow-Johnny Crawford
How Do I Tell My Heart-Glen Campbell
Beyond The Surf-Tornadoes


Anonymous said...

This Week's Pick and bonus Pick were both stiffs. Neither got above #90 on Billboard.

Anonymous said...

Is this the debut of GLEN CAMPBELL??

Long road to RHINESTONE but great
studio work on many many hits.
Oh, yea, a little summer tv show
also. That vaulted him into the
public eye (CBS).

Anonymous said...

Campbell debuted in 1958.

Nothing in the TOP40 until
1968 with PHOENIX.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that's 1967 not 1968 for