Wednesday, January 02, 2013

KFXM TigerRadio Craig Powers

From the missing TigerRadio website Craig Powers

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Anonymous said...

Sad to see Dick Clark at this time of the new year -- now that he's gone for good. He looked so small, frail and weary in that posted photo. What a permanent fixture he seemed to be for many of us through the decades. He epitomized where it was at: records and radio (and the subsequent television tie-in).

R.I.P. Dick, you've earned it! You are missed.

Anonymous said...

First we lost Guy Lombardo, then Dick Clark. It may be a few years before we get familiar enough with another icon to miss them.

Anonymous said...

It sure as hell WON'T be that Ryan Secrest guy who acted like prince heir to the great icons before him!
(imagine him having it handed to him on a silver platter and you get the picture)