Monday, May 29, 2006

California Hotel California

I had mentioned before about Memorial Day Top Hit Lists. KOLA today revealed the number one of their top 400 was Hotel California by The Eagles. In honor of that here is a picture of the California Hotel on a postcard where KFXM had their studios over 40 years ago.

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BiLL Earl said...

In early 1965, my dad walked me around the grounds of the hotel. I remember seeing the decal letters "kfxm" on some of the doors of the downstairs offices in the annex next to the big building. I peeked in the windows but the empty offices were dusty and empty as the station offices had moved out sometime in 1964, I think.

REQUEST: please show the folder cover showing the FIRST DJ lineup PICTURED AFTER the jones boys era.

Thanks in advance!
BE :)