Sunday, May 21, 2006

KFXM Debuts New Survey and (finally!!) DJ Pictures

K/MEN was overtaking KFXM in being the top radio station in the Inland Empire. KFXM tried new DJs and more DJs. Now it was time for a new look. Tiger Radio and a top 40 survey with alittle more class, similar in size to th K/MENTERTAINER. I know KDEO in San Diego and KAFY in Bakersfield were also Tiger Radio. Anyone know who came first?

The pictures show the last old survey June 27, 1964 and a new survey for July 26-31, 1964. Just for fun, the same week K/mentertainer for week ending August 1, 1964 is pictured (in the next posting.)
Strange thing dept: House of the Rising Sun-Animals is #1 on K/MEN but nowhere to be found on the KFXM survey. It did debut the next week at #5 on KFXM, but had been on the KMEN survey two weeks before this. KFXM was a little behind on this one.

KFXM DJs Dave Fransen, Rhett Walker, Jim Huntley, Barry Boyd, Jim Conniff, Ric Anderson

KMEN DJs Huckleberry, Brian Lord, Ray Morgan, Mark Denis, Jim Mitchell, William F. Williams, Bill Watson


BiLL Earl said...

hey doug

you forgot to make this K/men folder CLICKABLE so it can be enlarged to see all the details

both INSIDE and OUTSIDE..BOTH not clickable for enlargement :(

small print is hard to see, so try to make them all CLICKABLE!


John Bunnell said...


Do you remember what the ad on the survey "See KFXM's Snakes Alive...."was all about? That was "Keoga the Snake Charmer" who was "buried in a box with 100+ poisonous snakes on Merril Avenue on the North side of the Riverside Plaza (accross from the Haris Company).I'll be explaining more later on this stunt/promo. John

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who worked at kmen with Ray Morgan. His name was Ben Mosteller. If anyone remembers him I would like to here from you.

J. Ken Welch said...

"Keoga"...I remember him well.
He would stay in a pit with snakes for 30 days or more. A reward would be offered to anyone who saw him out of the pit during this time. He was for real. He was doing this in the Atlanta area twice during the late 50's or early 60's. I was a child and was mesmerized by the thought of it all. I made my parents take me there to see him maybe twice a week.